Search Engine Optimization Tips: Ethical Way Post Google Penguin Update

Getting links for your website post Google Penguin updates is becoming increasingly challenging for online marketing officials. Link building services are an important part of the whole online marketing package that your website would need to figure among the top search results in your niche. If you choose a marketing service that’s not competent enough to handle link building that complies with Google Penguin updates, you website will be under the Google scanner for wrongful use of links.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Posted by lancelot ferrer

How important is your Social Media Footprint?

Do you think your online presence through social media  and the content you post can make or break your job opportunity? In the past, applicants were screened on their cover letter, CV and references before getting an interview invitation from recruiters.

But presently, whether you like it or not recruiters are now using social media networks to initially screen job candidates before the in-person interview. 

Yes, your social media footprint says  a lot about you, employers are checking it since your profile is extremely available online. This means that job seekers has to clean up their act before they begin looking for a job.

Where is the best place to start fixing your profile? Check the infographic below.

Image credit: Roberts Donovan

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Saturday, September 14, 2013
Posted by lancelot ferrer


Blogspot or Wordpress? If you are a newbie blogger, it is really confusing to decide which platform to use. Both platforms provides great and distinctive features for a free cost. Both are great blogging system used widely all over the world. I use to be a solid blogspot end user, but after months of working full time with Wordpress I realized how convenient and powerful the platform in terms of optimizing websites in search engines.

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Posted by lancelot ferrer

Guest Post:Virtual Offices: A Revolutionary Setup for Home-Based Businesses

Do you find working in a 'real' office too inconvenient for your schedule? Are you too busy to work in a company because of other commitments? Perhaps you are obligated to generate more income due to the demands of daily living. In this case, starting a home-based business might be a great idea.

Starting a home-based business from scratch is not a new thing these days. In fact, many individuals have left their jobs because they find working in a company very shaky in terms of stability. Some have even found that having a business is a surefire way of amassing great wealth. Whatever your reason is for deciding to start a home-based business, it definitely helps to test the waters first.

Virtual Offices

Friday, August 2, 2013
Posted by lancelot ferrer

[INFOGRAPHIC] Facebook Guide to Travel

Social media is everywhere, and it's having a huge impact on the industry. Below is your Facebook Guide to travel.

Social Media Travel

Most checked-in locations via social media

If one were to sit down and really take one’s time to decipher the reasons behind social media’s popularity, one may bang one’s head into the wall trying to figure out the psychology of it all. Why exactly is a site like Facebook so overwhelmingly popular? The answer, studies and statistics aside, seems to be so simple that most tend to overlook it. People are just social animals and “checking in” on a medium like Facebook is just part of the culture whether you're just an active user or your're a businessman trying to promote your product through Facebook and other social media marketing.

Whether it’s a mom taking her kids to soccer practice, a regular working stiff on his way to a job, or a group of teens out perusing the local shopping center, checking in is the new trend, and along with third-party platforms like foursquare, the average person can give their location in an instant.

Social Media Marketing

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